Dr Vapes Panther Series Blue freebase Ice – 120ml


Treat yourself to a fruity frozen blue raspberry slush flavor, reminiscent of hot summers chillin? by the pool. This bright, blue and bold flavor offers a sweet, syrupy inhale followed by a refreshing blast of crushed ice.

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Dr Vapes Panther Series Blue freebase Ice – 120ml

The Panther Series Blue Ice 120ml and Rich Blue Raspberries Ice are combined with the Sweet Slush overtones to create an unforgettable taste. The profile is well balanced and yet, complex to satisfy your craving for the ultimate Blue Slush flavor with Ice.

Sweet, sour, and icy, oh my! Blue Ice by Dr.Vape 120ml is mixed into our special berry mixture, this one is guaranteed to be a refreshing all-day summer vaping experience. This classic fruity delight is enhanced by a powerful blast of the coldest?menthol?on the planet, guaranteeing that you feel absolutely ecstatic whenever that vapor passes through your mouth.

The Panther Series Blue Ice 120ml On the inhale, intense tartness and sweetness from those blue raspberry ice stun your taste buds in the best way possible that only this berry can do. Then, an intense dose of sugar makes you feel invincible before the icy finish comes around on the exhale.

The perfect nostalgically cool e-liquid that every vaper should have in their collection.