Panther Bar ( disposible ) 5500 Puff By Dr Vapes

  • 12 curated flavors
  • 5500 puffs
  • UK-made e-liquids
  • Original design by Dr Vapes
  • Swift USB-C charging
  • Mesh coil technology
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Dr Vapes The Panther Bar 5500 at Best Price in Pakistan

Welcome to The Vape Town, where innovation and satisfaction converge to provide you with the ultimate vaping experience. We are excited to introduce our latest masterpiece, the Panther Bar 5500, a cutting-edge vaping device designed to revolutionize your vaping journey. Immerse yourself in a world of flavor, performance, and style like never before.

The Panther Bar 5500 disposable—an innovation that redefines the vaping experience. With an ergonomic design that fits seamlessly in your hand, a unique drip tip for enhanced vaping satisfaction, and a fusion of top-tier UK flavors combined with cutting-edge technology, prepare for an unparalleled journey in vaping pleasure.

The Dr Vapes Panther Bar 5500 Key Features:

  1. 12 meticulously chosen flavors to suit diverse preferences.
  2. Genuine 5500 puffs for long-lasting use.
  3. UK-made e-liquids from Dr Vapes’ signature ranges.
  4. Original device design by Dr Vapes.
  5. Swift USB-C charging for uninterrupted vaping.
  6. Mesh coil technology for optimum flavor and consistency.

Technical Specifications:

  • • Dimensions: 52x24x83mm• Liquid Capacity: 9.5ml

    • Approx. Puff Count: 5500

    • Cell Capacity: 550mAh

    • Output Current: 3.5V/3A

    • Coil Resistance: 1.2Ω

    • Charge Port: Type-C

    • Charge Time: 80 – 120 minutes

    • Charging Rating: DC5V, 0.35A


Pink Ice: Chilled Blackcurrant Beverage

Delight in a revitalizing vaping experience, combining sweet blackcurrant, tangy undertones, delicate cotton candy, and a refreshingly icy touch.

Purple Ice: Frozen Symphony of Red, Dark & Green Grapes

Relish the harmony of red, dark, and green grapes, meticulously blended and frozen to perfection, crafting an unforgettable taste symphony that leaves your taste buds yearning for more.

Blue Ice: Revitalizing Frozen Blue Raspberry

Experience the essence of revitalization as the core essence of raspberries elevates your senses to new heights, delivering an energizing treat.

Peach Ice: Subtly Minty Ripe Peaches

Savor the exquisite balance between succulent peaches and a gentle hint of menthol, culminating in a refreshing and invigorating vaping sensation.

Watermelon Ice: Icy Juicy Watermelon

Immerse yourself in the premium essence of watermelons, as the Panther Bar unveils a smooth and satisfying flavor profile. Each draw is a cascade of juicy refreshment, igniting your desire for more.

Frozen Remix: Chilled Sour Blackcurrant Candy

Experience the expertly crafted Frozen Remix, where the perfect blackcurrant sourness meets a dose of cotton candy and hard candy sweetness, a cherished blend among our customers.

Berry Heaven: Juicy Fusion of Berries

Partake in the Berry Heaven Panther Bar, a symphony of premium berries sourced from various locales. Every inhalation reveals a burst of succulent sweetness, leaving an insatiable craving.

Black: Creamy Tobacco Symphony

Let the Havana tobacco notes lead, intertwined with the sophistication of Madagascar vanilla. The addition of Turkish ice cream peaks elevates the experience, offering a truly refined tobacco essence.

Unicorn: Chilled Strawberry Milk Magic

Experience the enchanting dance of sweet strawberries and chilled milk, crafting a delightful symphony of satisfaction and rejuvenation.

Bubblegum: Original Ice Delight

Indulge in a candy-inspired wonderland with our artfully composed fusion of bubblegum and fruit essences, chilled to perfection for an icy twist.

Bubblegum: Banana Ice Fusion

Encounter the natural allure of banana, mingling with the nostalgia of bubblegum, delivering a fruity journey that’s both refreshing and gratifying.

Bubblegum: Cola Ice Fusion

A fusion of classic cola and sweet bubblegum, crowned with a refreshing icy finish. Perfect for those who relish the timeless taste of cola.

Why Choose Panther Bar 5500?

At The Vape Town, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of vaping technology. The Panther Bar 5500 encapsulates our passion for innovation and quality. By choosing the Panther Bar 5500, you are embracing a vaping journey that combines style, performance, and convenience seamlessly.

Whether you’re seeking intense flavor experiences, extended battery life, or a device that complements your unique style, the Panther Bar 5500 delivers on all fronts. Join us in a new era of vaping satisfaction and make every puff a moment to remember.

Experience vaping at its finest with the Panther Bar 5500 – Order yours today and step into the future of vaping. Welcome to The Vape Town – where your satisfaction is our priority.

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