Ruthless Salt Grape Drank On ICE | 30ml


Grape Drank On Ice nicotine salt e-liquid by Ruthless is a fruity soda blend containing a cooling layer. A dark grape, featuring sugary candied notes, is complemented by a fizzy soda and topped off an icy menthol for a layered vape.

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Ruthless Salt Grape Drank On ICE | 30ml

Ruthless Grape Drank On Ice vape juice is one of the most popular vape juices of all time thanks to its delicious fusion of sugary grape hard candy, bubbly grape soda and cold menthol. Every hit of this nicotine salt refreshes the tongue with tangy grapes and icy mint while delivering deep pleasure to the sweet tooth.

On the inhale, Ruthless Grape Drank On Ice Salt Nic eliquid unleashes a river of bubbly soda infused with tangy and sweet grape flavor. As your thirst is quenched, the sugary grape hard candy taste makes its way to the sweet tooth. With each exhale, menthol makes the mouth tingle.

Grape Drank On Ice vape juice from Ruthless comes in a 30ml bottle with a pleasant 60/40 VG/PG base.

If you’re a grape fanatic looking for a cool vape flavor, check out Grape Drank On Ice nic salt e-liquid. This nicotine salt gives you a buzz that’s like the rush that you get after smoking a cigarette.

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